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Stop idolizing people and do your work: A manifesto

February 29, 2012

in: Inspiration



I wrote this manifesto after talking to a couple of people who kept mentioning other businesses in our mini-shazams.

"Well, so-and-so does this or this person does that."

"Did you see when that person did that?

My answer? Hell no.

I truly believe that my business has gotten so far so fast because I make a conscious effort to not idolize anyone.  I'm only a devoted fan to music and movie stars, not some marketing/wellness guru. I don't read many blogs and I am guru-free.  I have a business coach, but that is it.  I respect, I learn and I get jealous but idolize? Hell no. Why? It is a waste of time. It slows me down. It clouds my judgement. It prevents me from taking action in my own business. And I am sure this does this too. Have you ever noticed how inactive you become after you read someone's work you really admire? Especially if they are in your field?  Because even if you don't notice it:

Every moment spent putting someone else's work on a pedestal takes away from your own. Tweet this.



Without further ado, a manifesto:

Idolizing people is a waste of time. Respect works just fine.

Stop being a voyeur and get in there and do it.

Stop reading business books. Stop reading marketing blogs.  Start asking the world how you can help (Tweet this)

Make this the year you stop learning and start doing.  (Tweet this)

View everyone as your peer and not someone more powerful than you are. ( My mom always says: Oprah is just a woman who got a lot right, but I got a lot right too.)

Money is NOT a measure of worth. Money does not make you instantly happier, prettier or more worthy of anything.

We learn lessons from everyone we meet, not just the "successful ones."

Inspiration is MOST effective in small amounts. Don't spend hours with someone else's work.

Carefully curate the resources and people you really trust

Get excited about someone else's product but feel PSYCHED  about your own.

Do not let your devotion to other people's businesses eclipse the dedication to your own (Tweet this)

Like gurusnamehere but LOVE your work.

Be obsessed with your own contribution, for the LOVE OF GOD.

No one has all the answers.

Let's be honest here. Guruname is great but does he/she have a twitter dedicated to their leg? Didn't think so.


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What do you think? Do you think that your devotion to other people's business eclipses your dedication to your own?


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3 responses on “Stop idolizing people and do your work: A manifesto

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  • InnerChild7 says:

    Love Love Love this article! People don’t know how important it is to “be on the path” without peeking into the path of others. There is nothing wrong with liking another person’s brand, business or whatever. But shining that light too strongly onto someone else’s work takes always from your “I got this” mindset. When you think too much of “what could I be doing better to be like *insert person*” you’re never really looking for an answer, you just want to be a copy of someone else on some level.
    Integrating your own personal style and finding out what works for us without being obsessed with another person is far easier and a better road to go on. We all have our unique style and we have to share it with the world!
    Loved this, thanks for sharing!

  • drugaszesnascie says:

    this article stopped me in my tracks. how true…
    I couldn’t stop thinking about your words and I decided to make a sort of “inspirational poster” for myself – pages in my art journal. you can see it here {the post is in Polish and in English}:
    thank you!

  • KadenaTate says:

    Great post heyshenee   I agree 100%. My philosophy is that when we believe in ourselves and do the work that we have been called to do, our intentional action will propel us forward into the beauty of our dreams. 

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