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Get an inside look at SHAZAM + “Need to Know” Questions

October 17, 2011

in: branding, DIY, Inspiration, SHAZAM

So, how do I go from none-to-done in your business in 1 week?  Well, I am gonna show you how it gets done.  This week, I will be giving you all a sneak peek at the way Shazam works from the inside. It’s the Shazam tour, guys! As you know, Shazam is a week-long program with 3 1-on-1 sessions and lots of bite-sized activities to get your next big thing none to done. In order to do all that stuff, we have to get on the same page. That is where the 10 Minutes to Brand Clarity Challenge comes in. This is quite the investment and I want to make SURE you are ready for it so I ask lots of questions before we even get started. Here is a sample of some of them.

These questions are designed for you to start skipping the “good-to-know” stuff about your business and go straight to what you NEED to know. Right now.


Give me the story in 3 sentences. Who you are, what you do and who you are dying to serve. ( Scary? That’s ok! Just go with your gut!)


Why Shazam? Why do you need a new profitable thing in your business?


What are 3 concrete goals you have for your clients and why ( HBA folks, you should have this one)?


What is going oh-so-right in your business? What are you doing to make sure these things keep going well?


Where are you stalled out? Do you know why?


If you had your way, what would be next for your business? Where would you be making your money?


How much money do you want to make next month? How do you want to make it?


Oh, snap. Big questions right? Those and so much more!


Once I get all those questions, I create the beginnings of your BIG Shazam book that will be created as we go along over the course of the week. In order to show you what this looks like, I’ll use Derek Zoolander as an example. What if Derek had an educational empire that he wanted to take online? Lets take a look at his book brief. He'll get this before the week starts.


Here is the book!


Or just take a look bellow!


Derek Zoolander is a brilliant businessman who founded several “Schools for Children Who Can’t Read Good” around the country. He wants to branch out into the digital world with his empire. His goal is to either create a training program for people to develop their own schools or a digital learning program that takes the core of his curriculum to a wider audience.


Given the current climate, it’s more cost efficient and far-reaching to create a digital program that honors the heart and soul of the school’s teachings. Our goal: Develop a program and design a strategy for delivery. 3 1-on-1 building sessions and daily actions throughout the week will make sure the program goes from none to done in one week. GET EXCITED!



Co-designing the program from scratch. Together, we’ll figure out how to translate the program into the digital space. Get the core of the curriculum in place and figure out how to deliver the program as an app.


How to position it in the market (who are we delivering this to and why), discovering the ideal client, identify the look-and-feel of the service


Product Mission Statement, Launch/Marketing Plan  + GO, GO, GO!

Homework for 1st  Session:

Bring index cards, a pen and the materials from the curriculum you need for the digital program. We are going to start breaking it all down and building the content for the course.


Before we talk, make sure you know what you want in the program and can summarize each module in 3 sentences.


Ready to start developing your "Next Big Thing" plan. Get Shazam!



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