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Rock the vote! What should I do next?

March 9, 2012

in: branding

Hi Everyone! This is a very special post. I need some help from you! AH! It has been about a year since I released my first e-book, Field Guide to Bangin’ Bios. The “thing” that started it all. Well, I want to spend this month working on my next product and I am curious to hear what you need in your business right now? What would be perfect for you right now? Here are some of my ideas:


No Followers, No Problem: A step-by-step guide to building your brand without a huge list

Part inspiration, part action-oriented guide to building your brand and creating a profitable business right out the gate. I am also thinking of  calling it the “First $500."

What it will cover:

-          Branding Basics

-          Building a Community

-          Embracing the "Lean" model and evolution

-          Partnerships and Outreach

-          Business Confidence


The Field Guide to Bangin’ Copy: I will expand on some of the lessons I teach during HBA and give you a mini-guide to writing great copy for yourself

What it will cover:

-          Bangin Bios Revisited

-          Writing your sales copy

-          Writing your “Work With Me” Page


Hot Brand Action – The Challenge: You’ll get weekly challenges and games that will help you strengthen your brand right now. Self-guided program that is all about getting a jumpstart on your business in real-time.

What it will cover:

-          Best ways to use social media to build your community

-          What type of posts you should be writing to start building your brand

-          Ways to reach out for testimonials and praise

-          Methods for getting customers right out the gate



SHAZAM: I no longer offer the SHAZAM program but I would love to take the lessons I learned about creating goal-oriented services and stress-free launches into some type of product or book.


What it will cover:

-          How to build a product from scratch + how I built and launched Hot Brand Action in 1 month

-          How to create services that sell themselves because of the way they are offered

-          Writing about your services

-          Branding your products


Something else? Let me know!


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