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My Favorite (Digital) Things

December 20, 2011

in: Inspiration

While you are reading this, I am currently on a cruise boat with a pile of books (some recommended by you) by my side. It's Christmas week and I wanted to give you a gift. The gift of AWESOME resources. A-YO.  Here is a little list of my favorite things (Oprah style) online.  When I get back, I've got SO MANY AMAZING THINGS to share with you. Can't waiit!

Without further ado, Shenee's Favorite Things


The Email Game -- This is my NEW favorite thing and a fresh source for procrastination. It makes a game out of emptying your inbox. Right now, I have over 2,000 unread messages in my box. Why? I have no idea but I am trying to go inbox 0 by the new year and I have a LONG WAY to go.


Trello -- I have tried SO many project management systems and this is by FAR the easiest and most straight forward for what I need to do with my SHAZAM clients. That's been a huge problem in the past but this system makes it SUPER easy to attach files and explore what needs to be done and when. It splits everything up into To-do/ Doing and Done and you can drag tasks in each section, make comments on each one and even vote on particular items. I LOVE IT. P.S -- Most of this stuff has been introduced to me by my project manager, Michelle


Springpad -- This program has a STEEP learning curve but once you get a hold of it, it will replace your typical bookmarking system. I created the list of links using Springpad and use it to create a running list of posts I want to write.


Workflow.y -- I like to call this the "Wikepedia of my brain" because that is EXACTLY what it is. It's hard to explain, you just have to see it in action but basicly, you can collect your thoughts and create lists within lists about anything. I am using it to collect the beginnings of a book that I eventually want to write about business.


Omniwriter --- I just discovered this a couple of days ago and it is now the CENTER of my world. It's a super focused writing tool that takes over the whole page and plays music while you write. It actually forces you to sit with yourself and your thoughts and just write. DOWNLOAD IT, will change your life.


FocusBooster -- Another huge thing that has helped me with my business --- The FocusBooster blocks distraction sites for a time you have designated and makes you jump through hoops to take it off. REALLY helpful.


Pinterest -- I love collecting visual inspiration and this is my favorite ( + easiest) way to do it. Here is a link to mine! Vegan recipes + design inspiration a-hoy!


Dropbox -- I save ALL important stuff in the cloud AND on my computer for safe keeping. I also use dropbox to deliver all the fun goodies you guys get from me. They have a fantastic "public" folder and you get a link that goes straight to it.


Spotify -- It's fairly new but I really love Spotify. I am so boring about music so I listen to other people's playlists but I also have the option of listening to every Backstreet Boys song ever.


College Humor -- I am really showing my age here but I love the videos on College Humor and they are PERFECT for my 3 minute breaks.


Goodreads -- My favorite THING ever. My only "resolution-esque" goal for the new year is to read WAY more books. I was embarrassed by how many I read this past year and I've always been a big reader.  That link goes to my own personal Goodreads. Please add me! :)


The Startup Daily -- It's officially the only blog I read on a regular basis. It takes those long ( sometimes drawn out) books and pulls out the gems. QUESTION: Don't you think that the time has come to reinvent the business book?


Happy Holidays!


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One thought on “My Favorite (Digital) Things

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  • Tiffany says:

    Thanks for sharing your list Shenee!

    Trello looks dead simple to use! I think I may give it a shot in 2012!

    Are you using the Mac? Omniwriter is awesome, but I think you would also like Schrivener for writing and collecting research, ideas, documents, etc. all in one place. It’s been a major time saver for me!

    Also, Evernote (similar to Springpad) is another option for clipping notes. I’ve collected almost 1,300 notes in just 2 months. From the web, to capturing things on my Ipad, or phone- Evernote serves as a “dumping” ground for all of my ideas and thoughts until I can make sense out of the randomness!

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