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Resolve to have more fun in your business this year

January 25, 2012

in: brand resolution

I often get asked how I have been able to do so much with my business so quickly, I have two answers.


Thing #1: I am a workaholic and perpetual overachiever. I go HARD. I don’t know any other way. When it comes to this work, I am doing MY THING and I am willing to give up some sleep over it.


Thing #2: I have a lot of fun. I have fun writing my posts, I have fun on twitter, I have fun on facebook. Fun, fun, fun. I love talking to people during my mini-shazam sessions too.


I take my work only as seriously as it needs to be and the rest of the time, I’m having as much fun as possible. When I launch something, I try to make it an experience that is positive and upbeat. Isn’t launching hard enough? Why not make it something I enjoy doing?


When I obsess about numbers, SEO, conversion rates and all that, I set myself up for disappointment but if I do things my way, i’m having way more fun.

I can’t tell you how many people take their businesses WAY TOO seriously and it really comes off in the brand. Tense copy, cold language and dense blog posts are all symptoms of that. People don’t like hanging with folks that can’t take a joke. Period. I see is ALL the time on twitter and even in my email exchanges with people.


It's just business. Period.


Are you having fun in your business? If not, why is that? Fulfilling is great but when you don’t have fun in there, it is easier to burn-out. Sometimes your work can be TOO fulfilling. You are SO called to do your work that it wraps you up and REFUSES to let you go.


If I don’t create joy with my work than I can’t push myself forward. During the current launch conversation, I DID have a moment where I was like, “I should do this” or “I need to do this.” Not fun.


That’s why my services are superhero themed and Ryan Gosling is my class mascot.


I now know that if I keep having fun and working hard, I will always have more energy for my work. That is when ALL the good things happen for me. When I am asking questions, dancing crazy, using Batman as inspiration and doodling notes about personal branding during The Bachelor. ( While drinking, of course. Every time a girl says, “Ben and I have a connection” we drink!)


Resolve to have more fun in your brand this year and the world will really open up to meet you.



When do you have the MOST fun in your business?  My coach Erika has an awesome story about this from her stripper days. Ask her about it.


When are you having the MOST fun?



So, at the time of writing this post, I have 4 spots left for HBA!


On the fence? Get off, my friend.


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2 responses on “Resolve to have more fun in your business this year

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  • Can I just say that I love your Bachelor Drinking Game? I should totally do that! I consider it my comedy. But yes, I need to have more fun with what I’m doing with TBG, because that’s what life is all about. Fun, zumba and wine… :) Looking forward to having some fun with you and learning some Hot Brand Action soon! Woot!

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