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Let’s stop doing stuff we don’t want to do — a brief manifesto

May 28, 2012

in: Inspiration


This is your permission slip to let go of what's not working. This is my love letter to you to stop – as soon as possible – doing the things that don't light you up like they should. In fact, let's ban “should” from our vocabulary and embrace the power of choice.

Hey, you have a choice and so do I. We (yeah, you and me. We are totally in this together) can totally stop doing the things that people always ask us for because we just don't want to do it  anymore. We can change the way we approach our businesses and our lives and accept the fact that the way we are rockin' isn't working for us.

Here is the thing: you and I? We are the supreme rulers of our own universe and it i time to start acting like it . Either people can get with the program or get out.

We can know --- like, TRULY know that we don't have to do the things we are just plain good at. We should be doing the things make us want to be great. We should be devoting our lives things we want to be known for.

We can burn the blueprints and stop following in footsteps on a path that wasn't even our own to begin with.

We can accept the challenge of taking the road less traveled because we know that ultimately, it will make us happier. We will let money be a factor but not the decision maker in our joy.

We can embrace what we TRULY enjoy the most and have faith that our desires with feed us way more than the old way could.

And when someone asks us why we don't do things the old way or why we don't offer this service, or work that job or do that class or teach that workshop anymore, we won't make excuses and we won't try to explain ourselves.

Because we don't have to.

By letting go of what we don't absolutely LOVE and adore, we can make space for the things we DO love to do.

We just gotta trust.

This is my message for you to come out as the person you truly want to be.

Ryan Gosling will love you anyway.

Let's make this the week for being ruthlessly decisive. Let's take a GOOD look at our businesses and decide what we TRULY want to spend our time doing and what we don't want to do anymore. I know I will.

My idea: go through your business and start getting rid of the stuff you no longer want to do. Gotta be ruthless.



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