HOW TO: Build your brand with a post-it note

No brand review today, lovies! Something NEW. OH! I will show you how to use the inexpensive post-it note to build your brand. Who the hell needs a moleskine notebook anyway?

Check, check it out!

If you are busy, busy:

Tip 1: The post-it note as a brilliant catcher + blog post generator  | 0:43

Tip 2: The post-it note as a daily brand intention checklist | 2:40

Tip 3: The post-it note as a product/blog post/service simplifyer and idea measuring stick | 4:09


If you want an idea to be shared, make sure it is easy to explain to someone else.

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What are three things you could do to build your brand everyday? Can you think of some other fancy uses for the post-it note?  Yes. Those are VHS tapes behind me. Yes,  I own Speed and Face-Off on tape.


Want me to help you find your 3 branding things?  Get a lightning shazam!

February 14th, 2012


8 comments on “HOW TO: Build your brand with a post-it note

  1. JordanEM on said:

    I limit my “to list” for the day to a post-it note. It helps limit how much I try to tackle.

    • heyshenee on said:

      @JordanEM I agree! I try to have 3 BIG intentions for the day too. It too some getting used to because I always expect to do a LOT everyday but I am getting stuff done :) Thanks for stopping by Jordan!

  2. ellen.ercolini on said:

    LOVE the three brand actions a day – I need to clarify what those are, and then own them, on a post-it. I also LOVE the tweetable, because I love words and sometimes I’ve gotta’ streamline! Keep rockin’ it.

    • heyshenee on said:

      @ellen.ercolini ELLEN! Long time no talk! YES! Streamlining is always difficult but such a good way to make our stuff easier to sell! :)

  3. littlemissspy on said:

    really helpful tips! i totally agree that an idea needs is best if it can be easily explained by somebody somebody else. i’m definitely going to work on that. :)

    • heyshenee on said:

      @littlemissspy Yes! Let me know if I can help. It isn’t easy to narrow down but I find that the more I hack at a idea the more refined and easy to explain it gets!

  4. blah_cubed on said:

    ditto the three brand actions a day being awesome. it’s so little time commitment really and something i can do even if the kids are up. just because they’re watching dora the explorer doesn’t mean i have to be. :)

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