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How to become a fear crushing badass(ish)

March 12, 2012

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Hello from Austin, Texas! Sorry if I have been quiet. The move + SXSW = no work. I have gotten a lot of questions about my move to Texas. How long will you be there? ( 3 months) Will you be working? ( HBA, BABY!) Do you know anyone? ( Now I do! )


Am I scared? Hell yes.

My decision to move to Austin didn't feel like a choice for me. It was something I knew I had to do. 2011 was a crazy year and I totally lost myself along the way. Atlanta and I needed a break. I desperately wanted some time to focus on myself. So even though I asked myself all these questions: What if I don't like it? What if I feel super lonely? What about my family? I left anyway. And I am here.


But I still get scared.


I still worry I won’t make friends that will make me feel better about the fact that I am SO far away from my family and old life. I get scared I won’t be able to support myself.


I have always hated the conversation about fear because we only hear from the people who are already over their fears or folks who have circumstances that make the fear *look* easier. ( I’m sorry person who just had a 6 figure launch, I don’t take your fear as seriously).


But I had a breakthrough about fear and it has changed the way it looks for me. It isn’t about pushing past the fear or getting scared and doing it anyway. Anyone who has ever tried that will tell you that it doesn’t work for everything.

It’s so easy for us to be fearless online and be a chicken in real-life or vice-versa. My new trick: Make scary commitments. You won’t have a choice but to get past the fear. It’s ALL about accountability.


This is what I did for my Austin trip: I aggressively chased a sublet I wanted. I bought the plane ticket. Couldn't back out if I wanted to. I had people who NEEDED me to come to Austin. It's my new thing. Not giving myself a choice. Every time I do it, I feel like I am strengthening some type of muscle and the next thing doesn't feel so scary.


I want to build this into my business too. I am afraid of webinars. What if no one shows up? What if it sucks? Well, if I go ahead and announce it to my list and create a link for it, I don’t have a choice.


Another thing I learned: it's easier to let fear take the wheel when you don't ACTUALLY want something and just think you do. This happens a lot when we compare our stories to others or decide that we should want to do something and then can't figure out why we are so freakin' scared.


So, for now on,  I am only going to do the scary  things I really WANT to do and not the ones I kind of want to do. This sounds pretty simple and straight-forward but if you really think about half the stuff that scares you, it makes more sense.


I also wear my favorite sunglasses.



HBA is open for business, ya'll!  Hope you will be there!

“Shenee has not only created a course but a community that you will learn from immediately.  I know that my brand will change, but the tools and lessons Shenee has shared have given me the confidence to re-build my brand as it evolves and launch new brands in the future.  She’s got rock-solid ideas and a sharp eye.  HBA has given me the motivation and support to finally do the work to build my brand.”

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