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HBA preview: How to write copy that works

February 23, 2012

in: branding

I know! No brand review this week! I have a very special brand review coming up very soon but I wanted to give you a little somethin’ somethin’ to hold you over.


The next HBA class will be coming very soon. March 26th! And I have already opened up the cart! OH SNAP.  I am a trickster, trickster. Sign up now!


This week, the HBAers are writing sales copy! I am giving them a little crash course in writing effective sales letters.  They get my secret formula for writing great copy every time and i’m gonna give you a little preview of it.  Here is a hint: you don’t have to write a 1200 word sales letter.  I used my copy for Hot Brand Action and break down why I made the decisions I made and why the copy for HBA tops out at 650 words and still sold out really quickly.

I go into detail about how I did it in the class but here is the screenshot breakdown that will give you some insight on how I structure my sales copy and how I effectively wrote sales copy for my clients.


Click here to Check it out.


Want in on the class? Go ahead and sign up early. I have a special present for the first 5  people who sign up. Hint: It is valued at $250 dollars and you can’t get it anymore. OH SNAP.


Go over to the site to:

- Get a free chapter and test-drive it

- Take the brand quiz and find out where you are at in your business and how I can help you out

-  Get pictures of Ryan Gosling

- Buy a spot in the class — you can pay with 1, 2 or 3 payments! Wee!


Get on it!


Have any questions about HBA? Email me at sheneehoward (at)!


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