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Pierre from The Declaration of You wants to be your man-love!

August 30, 2011

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Usually, I would say something here but Pierre pretty much speaks for himself. If this doesn't make you want to create a dating profile for people to know more about you, I don't know what will! Check it out.



My self-summary:

Bonjour! I am Pierre François Frédéric, a Frenchman who now travels zee world using only animals, like Jean-Luc Zee Blue Pony! I love zee party hats, zee bright clothing, zee Judge Judy, and zee desserts from zee T.G.I Friday’s. I am also a wonderful lover, and enjoy serenading zee ladies for zee romance.


What I am doing with my life:

I am zee very important host of Zee Declaration of You, which is an e-course (starring moi!) and illustrated workbook (featuring moi!) created by Jess Swift (zee full-time artist and pattern designer) and Michelle Ward (Zee When I Grow Up Coach). Zee Declaration of You encourages you to discover, embrace and declare what makes you truly unique. Zee ladies love it!


My dealbreakers:

Desserts from zee Chili’s or zee Applebees, being transported in anything other than an animal, and not having my lover love zee Judge Judy. Judge Judy is my first and eternal love.


Stuff that inspires me:

Zee color pink and zebra stripes, zee travels I take on my many animals, Judy Judy, and desserts from zee T.G.I. Friday’s. I know I am repeating myself, but I must! These things are most important!


Why you should date( hire) me:

Ooh, if you are a mademoiselle – any type of zee mademoiselle, skinny, voluptuous, blonde, brunette, big bootied or small bootied – I will love you and treat you like the magnifique woman you are. All women are magnifique! Also, I am a wonderful serenader and I will have my band, Zee Declaration of Ukes, write songs for you. Also, have I mentioned that I am a wonderful lover? Then, I underrate myself. I am zee best lover there is!


I am looking for a guy/girl/ small business  who.......

does not know what makes them unique or what they enjoy, or feel that they are living the life that others have declared for them. Non! They need to find out what their passion, and interests, and values are! I am here to host them through it!


My perfect date ( client/customer interaction) would be....

.Well, it would of course start out with dinner and dessert at T.G.I. Friday’s, because I am zee gentleman. Then, we would ride Jean-Luc Zee Pony back to my apartment and I would serenade her with zee love songs until her panties fell off. Then, we will log in to Zee Declaration of You and explore who zee mademoiselle is so she can step purposefully into her own life full of passion. Then, we will make zee love again until zee dawn breaks and Jean-Luc needs to be fed. It will be a most memorable evening!


I’m a mix between ….........

Nobody and nothing! I am Pierre François Frédéric and I am unlike anyone else!


What I can do that nobody else can really do --- I promise!

Host Zee Declaration of You! I am zee best host that can ever be.


When people first meet me ( or my site ) they think.....

Hey! Who is that handsome gentleman on zee throne? I must find out right away!


If I were an animal, I’d be......

Jean-Luc Zee Blue Pony. He is brightly colored, just like me!


Where you like to hang out ( digital hotspots)?

I only go online to read about Judge Judy and watch zee Judge Judy clips on zee YouTube. Oh, that is a lie – I am also on zee Twitter machine and zee Facebook place. I love meeting and courting zee ladies there.

Nothing gets me going like.......

zee Judge Judy and zee T.G.I. Friday’s desserts! This, we have covered.


You should contact me if.........

you want a lovely time to discover who you truly are, and/or would want to watch zee Judge Judy, eat zee T.G.I. Friday’s desserts, be serenaded and make zee love all night. Yes, that sums it up.



If you would like to hang out with Pierre this fall, check out the Declaration of You course here.


Ready to start being irresistible to your own people? Create your own!


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