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How to Craft a “Cool Girl (or Guy)” Brand

November 25, 2014

  Cool. Is My Brand Cool Enough? I have started this blog post a million times. This is what people complain about the most. What I am doing isn’t INTERESTING enough What I am doing isn’t FUN. I feel like my stuff is boring Branding is a funny thing because people often times think that: branding = being cool but really, Branding = being yourself So, back to your original...

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Why You Launched to Crickets

November 19, 2014

  Man, do I know how this feels. You put something out there. A blog post, a new offer, a sparkly new product and nada. Nothing. You might as well have been talking to a big empty room. Let me just start off by saying that business is by no means an exact science. In fact, as I’ve mentioned many times before: What worked before might not work now and...

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Does Your Domain Name Really Matter?

November 14, 2014

So I get a lot of questions to my inbox each week but I would say that the #1 question I always get goes a little something like this: Hi Shenee! AH! I want to start my business but I’ve been stuck on my domain name. I don’t want to pick the wrong thing but I am not sure what to do. Should I use my name? Should I use...

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4 Ways to Avoid Stalling Out In Business

November 12, 2014

  So, over 50% of you guys tested as a Thoughtleaders which means that the majority of you have a problem with momentum. This is particularly tough because business success is all about momentum. Business is all about trying something, seeing how it works and moving forward until you get a desired result. (Tweet this)  This is TOUGH for thoughtleaders (lifestyle brands struggle with this sometimes too) because of the...

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When Someone Else Has Your Brilliant Idea

November 6, 2014

So you had this idea. This brilliant all-consuming amazing idea that you have spent SO MUCH TIME ON. You have slaved away on it. You just know that this is going to be THE THING to change everything. After one particularly fruitful hour of planning, you float over to Facebook to see what else is going on in a forum you really love. That is when you see it. That...

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how to write newsletters your list will open

October 29, 2014

  Wait, before we jump in. Are you sending your audience newsletters? Because you really should! In a world when in every single moment you could be looking up Lego Movie reaction gifs and photos of cats stealing beds from dogs (hahaha), getting people’s attention is really hard work. And despite what you think, most people won’t remember something you told them yesterday…let alone a month ago. Let me repeat:...

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Social Media For Sales (Screw Likes)

October 22, 2014

  Ever notice that some people just seem to rock at social media? Their posts are great, the engagement is through the roof and people just seem to… love them? And at the same time, you are struggling just to get someone to read something… ANYTHING from your facebook page? I feel you soul brother/sister. We are legion in this feeling. Here is the thing about social media: Social media...

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QFC | Why do you want to make a change?

October 17, 2014

This is my new Questions For Clarity column. Every week I’ll give you 1 question that will help you get more clarity in your business right now. Exciting, right? This is the first one.  Why do you want to make a change? A lot of the times we become OBSESSED with the idea of changing everything in our business. We are always moving forward and a LOT of the times,...

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You don’t have to be a b2b business to make money

October 15, 2014

  The other day I was SUPER excited to work with a service provider who did EXACTLY what I needed at the time. I went to the website, super excited to work the person and was shocked to find out that she didn’t do it anymore. I reached out to her BEGGING for her services. I NEED YOU! WHY DID YOU STOP?! “Honestly, it was too hard so I am...

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5 Questions That Will Make Your Copy Awesome + A FREE sales copy critique

October 8, 2014

  Essentially a sales copy is an invitation. You are inviting someone to trust you to help them with a problem. While features and benefits are REALLY important, in order to truly have a great sales page, you need one thing. A story. When I am brainstorming on a story, I am always trying to figure out my way “in” to the topic. This is the story. The thing that...

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