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November 15th, 2011

I graduated college feeling excited. I was fired up, passionate and ready to go. I wanted nothing more than to work at an awesome digital advertising firm. I idolized these businesses because they looked so amazing on the inside (damn those sleek websites) and I was seduced by all the conferences and books they wrote. I soon realized that just being my type of awesome wasn’t enough to get me into one of these places. I LITERALLY couldn’t get in without selling my soul or doing some hardcore hustling. I poured my heart into every application and follow up letter. I designed mini-sites. I did everything. I wasn’t even applying for super creative jobs. They all had jr or assistant in the title. I was so depressed because there didn’t seem to be a way “in.” It reminded me of the Gates of Mordor ( NERD ALERT).  How the hell was I going to get in?


You Can’t Buy Permission (It’s free!) + A BIG announcement

November 1st, 2011

Well hello, there. HAPPY NOVEMBER!  I’m back with lots of news. But first, lets talk about why I left for a bit.

October has been a crazy month for me. I was in a different city every weekend.  During my traveling, I was launching my sparkly new service and continuing to build my brand.  As a result, I ended up doing a lot more listening than talking this month. I even went to RHHlive where I listened and had epiphany after epiphany.


I listened to Kris Carr when she told us all about caring for our bodies as much as we care for our businesses.

I listened to Danielle when she told me to push — push to the edges where true innovation happens.

I listened to Marie when she talked about creating an even better experience with your business with excellent customer service.

I’ve embraced all of these lessons over the last few days. No more meat for me! My big push to the edge will be revealed very soon and you’ll see the rewards of listening to Marie even sooner!


I’ve also been listening to you. I’ve been reading your emails, visiting your sites and reading your tweets. I’ve been taking it all in and I’ve come to a realization.

You aren’t here to play it small. You want to create something great. Something big. You want to get paid (a lot). You want to rub elbows with Oprah and have tea with Danielle LaPorte. You want to have people throw money at you and sell out every course you create. You want that book deal, that event gig. You want it all.


The Tweetable Manifesto — Truth Gathered Along the Entrepreneurial Journey

September 26th, 2011

As you know, I have been working a lot behind-the-scenes on the new amazing thing I am working on. I know you are TIRED of hearing about it. I am too. Still in the refinement stage but I’ll be ready to debut the new swag very soon.   But first, a gift. I call it the Tweetable Manifesto. A collection of truths ( more specificly, my truth) that I have collected during my entrepeneaural journey and a sneak peak into my big vision. I’ve been giving my twitter followers some previews of these over the last few weeks and my brand will be FULLY embracing this point of view very soon.  And yes, all these will fit in a tweet! :)


Keep checking back. All of these manifestos will become live links to posts. A wikepedia of my point of view.

And the name of this manifesto will change when big thing is released!



Uncovering Brand Strategy in Our Closets and Meaning in Spaghetti Sauce

August 25th, 2011


This part 2 in a series that explores finding the Sweet Spot in your business. Go back and check out Part 1 here. Want to make sure you get the next part when it comes out? Click here to get on the list over on the left there.


Complex recipes freak me out. I am a student of 4-5 ingredient recipes. When a recipe has too many moving parts, it’s way more likely that things will go wrong in my mind and I don’t move forward.


In fact, I usually get disoriented and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead.


Story/Design: Why Your People Aren’t Buying and Your Sandwich isn’t Satisfying

August 22nd, 2011


Imagine this ( or maybe you don’t have to):

You want your business to start making a big impact. You have worked hard to get here. You write the blog posts, put your services out there and burned the midnight oil developing products you believe in. You have followed the book on this digital entrepreneurship stuff  but something is still missing. People aren’t buying. You aren’t feeling heard.


You go see a movie. It all has the right actors in it. The action is great. But you still leave disappointed. You discuss the movie with your friends, hoping to piece together the experience. Why didn’t this work?


Something was just off.


I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Some insider’s baseball, if you will. If you find that a product isn’t selling or a service isn’t converting, I am about to tell you why.