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Brand Review: Learn the 1 thing to do to make selling your services easier

March 20, 2012

in: brand review

Coaches! This one is for you! Here is the thing. Coaching is a VERY competitive field and you have to create ways to set yourself apart. And it isn't gonna be about what you have accomplished but what you do and what you want for people. I give Bahieh some tips on realigning her digital presence.

Follow along on her page here.

P.S -- It is all funky in the beginning but it becomes clearer as the review goes on


In this class you will learn:

- Why your coaching page is MORE about them than you

- How to make sure you are coming from a place of service

- Why you can't JUST be a coach and need more of a connective thread and some examples of people who do that really well


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2 responses on “Brand Review: Learn the 1 thing to do to make selling your services easier

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  • EllenErcolini says:

    As a coach, LOVED this.  I used your work a ton when I was creating/branding my blog, TheCreativeGiraffe.  I adore the idea of branding my ‘sessions’ with my clients! Gen-ius. 

  • Bahiehk says:

    Hi Shenee!!
    So glad to see this year. It was such a useful review for me. Hope others learn from it to!!
    Regards, Bahieh K. 

Get Free Brand Chemistry Tips Weekly:

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