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Brand Q&A: What should you do if no one reads your emails? + The Love Bomb Workshop

April 23, 2012

in: branding




1. Make sure your newsletter is something special

2. Make your opt-in INTERACTIVE. No passive kits, e-books or one time grabs without prompting action.  People end up forgetting about you. Remember the purpose of your list.

3. Be clear with your subject lines and speak to real concerns that your people have. Avoid being way too general.


I am putting on a little newsletter workshop over at the facebook page this week.

I will be posting little prompts and mini-actions you can take to make your newsletter INSTANTLY more readable for you and your audience. I'll also be sharing some of MY favorite newsletters -- I don't have many -- and telling you why I love them.

Come over to my facebook page to participate.

Here are some tweets to help you spread the world.

Learn how to make people happy to read your emails with the Drop Love Bombs Not Spam Workshop! http://bit.ly/JlhHQe

Are you unintentionally spamming your email list? Stop the violence! http://bit.ly/JlhHQe

Unsuckify your newsletter with this week-long workshop http://bit.ly/JlhHQe

Drop Love Bombs, not SPAM: A newsletter revamp workshop http://bit.ly/JlhHQe


Head over to the facebook page for your first mini-assignment!


Where these tips helpful? Let me know what you think!


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