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Become a trusted curator for your core audience

January 6, 2012

in: brand resolution, branding

This post is a part of  Brand Year! A month-long branding adventure. Wee!

Become a trusted curator for your core audience.

This is a great way to build your social network. I try to share really cool on-brand links as much as I can. For me, on-brand means: fun, useful, quick, cool. Anything that falls under that category gets shared. I've gotten lots of tweets thanking me for sharing cool stuff and I always thank others for their awesome curating skills. It's a fantastic brand building tool.

I always follow people who share cool things more closely than others. It's natural that we would gravitate to people are the MOST helpful to us.


In order to become even better at this during the new year, I cleaned out my google reader and got feedly. I am in LOVE. The interface is a dream and I am way more excited to read and share now that I have it.  My blog posts work way better in the interface than my own. haha. Something to think about. It's like reading a brand magazine.


I am HORRIBLE at reading blogs (there are just TOO many, thanks for taking the time to read mine) but feedly makes it way easier.


Some tips:

-Don't read/follow everyone. Just the people who consistently share awesome stuff.

-Make a habit of sharing 1 cool on-brand thing a day. No more, no less. Find another cool thing? Save it for the next day. Get good at that? Bump it up to two!

- Be ruthless! If someone is consistently not doing it for you, get rid of them. Don't read it anymore.


Some insta-action:

- Sign up for Feedly. Follow Hey Shenee  (of course) and 4 of your other favorite blogs.

- Share something from the archives of one of these blogs today. Something you know your audience will love.


That's it! See you next week. What are your favorite blogs?

As always, I would LOVE if you shared this brand challenge.  In fact, if you hadn't noticed on the site, the more you share, the closer you get to your own free Lightning Bolt Session. FREE! Woo.




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4 responses on “Become a trusted curator for your core audience

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  • L'Erin says:

    Part of what’s been a little difficult for me in finding favorite blogs is that I’m not really finding folks who cover the same niche/subjects/demographics as me.

    I can find some working with some of the areas but no one with the exact foci as me. Do you think this is important? Or maybe do you have thoughts about how I can best leverage this gap?


    • shenee says:

      Don’t think of your niche as narrow but as an entry point to a lot of different things. You could post about doula stuff, self-development or anything that exists inside the eco-system of what you do. A good model for this would be to think of your clearly defined niche as the center and then other off-shoots of what you do as connecting to that core thing. So for example: I could share a post about writing, branding or design but I could also share posts about productivity because they are related. I am not a productivity expert or anything but I can relate that to what I do, which is running a business. My tip would be to not think about it as an exploration of finding stuff that’s just like yours. Act as a hub for stuff that is kind of like yours but not quite the same. That will help strengthen your brand and expose people to stuff they aren’t used to finding. Does that help?

  • Coral Lee says:

    Just did aTwitter list clean out. Am about to go back to work after 2 glorious weeks off. I am putting more things on my to do list and won’t have time to read tweets that just aren’t working for me. Being quite ruthless in the clean up knowing it will make Twitter quicker and more fulfilling &inspiring.

    • shenee says:

      I’ve been wanting to do that! I’ve started really getting into twitter lists to help me sort through all of that stuff but it still feels like a ton to do! Rock on Coral! :)

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