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2 Minute Q&A: What is the first step to branding yourself? + HBA in 5 Minutes

May 11, 2012

in: branding

This post has lots o' videos, ya'll. Prepare for a lot of Shenee-face. This vYou one freezes at some fun spots.



If you are on the newsletter, you are probably familiar with this method of brand building. It is SUPER easy and a great way to start that doesn't feel overwhelming.


Pick 5 Questions people are gonna have. Pretend you have a weekly q&a session, what questions would be asked the most often? Focus on those and answer those questions in as many ways as possible. Don't worry about marketing, business building or design. Focus on that and you are branding yourself.


It IS really that simple. Branding is not about what you look like, it is all about what you do. If you acted like a professional chef (creating recipes, letting people hire you to make food, hire a sous chef) people will start thinking you are one. And just like any chef, you will have your own style and story that will influence the way you do things.


Always keep that in mind. Those questions will be your compass.


Want to take HBA and still wondering if it is right for you?  I created this video to give you a little more information about what the class is, who it is for and why I created it! :)


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